Google Places Has a Great Feature Most Small Business Owners Do Not Know About

Google Places has a great great feature that very few Local Small Business Owners Know About. They call it “Place Page Posts”. It can be used for a variety of reasons and you can even include links directly to your website or where ever you’d like.

Post to Place Page Instructions
To post to your Place Page, simply follow the instructions below.
Visit your Google Places account at Google Places.
Choose the listing you’d like to post to, and click the number link under either the Impressions column or the Actions column.
In the top right hand corner of the dashboard, you’ll see a box that allows you to post.
Write your message and click Post.

Place Page Posts for Bulk Listings
If your bulk listings are active and verified, Place page posts can be added and updated at the individual store level. Learn how with the instructions below.

Visit the individual dashboard of a listing by clicking View Report on Google Places dashboard. You’ll see a text box for Place page posts in the top right hand corner of the dashboard.
Enter your message into the text box, and click Post. The post will populate above the text box. Please remember these posts must be 165 characters or less.
You’re done! It may take a few minutes for your post to show live on the Place page.

Place Page Post Character Limit
All Place Page posts are limited to 160 characters. Give your customers meaningful information in a concise way. If you need more room, consider using a link to your homepage or adding information to the description.

Delete a Place Page Post
Yes, posts can be deleted from Google Places dashboard using the Delete link next to the post.

Example Place Page Posts
Specials: “Free chips and salsa today from 4-6. We’ll even throw in free guacamole.”
Posted 3 hours prior to the start of Afternoon Special
Events: “Come to “Anything Goes – Poetry or Prose ” Today from 7:30 pm to 9:45 pm.”
Posted 4 hours prior to the event, linking to the Facebook event page.
New products: “Have you checked out our newest pastries? they are so tasty!”

Additional Information on Place Page Posts
Currently each Place Page will only show one post at a time. If you write a new post, it will override the one currently showing in your account.
It can take up to several minutes for a post to propagate through our index to appear on the Place Page. If the post still fails to appear after some time, please try deleting and re-posting.
At this time, users cannot respond to your posts on Place Page.

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