Google Bubble Ads

Google recently started including ads in the business information bubble on Google Maps. There has been a lot of concern about these ads from business owners and industry experts with the general consensus being that Google is invading the bubble and advertisers are getting an unfair advantage.

Although I understand the concerns, I’d like to make a few comments regarding this new ad format and give a few suggestions for advertisers that do not want their ads to show in this bubble.

1.Ads placement on Google Maps is not new. Ads already appear on and directly on Place pages as part of the Search Partners Network. This is just an extension of an advertiser’s reach
2.In our experience, the likelihood of an ad on a business place page being clicked on is small. For tests we’ve run with managed placements on, the CTR is around .13%. If this trend holds true for the bubble ads, they will not have a large impact on a business’s traffic
3.As an advertiser, allowing your ad to run in Google Maps gives searchers the option of going directly to a website instead of a Place page. It also means you are providing the freshest ad copy in maps
4.Ads can only show in the bubble if a campaign contains broad match keywords and is opted into the Search Partners network

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