Google Adds My Places To Google Maps To Keep Track Of The Places You Use Frequently

Google have finally rolled out a new feature called My Places, allowing users to easily refer to map locations they visit frequently. One thing that used to frustrate users about Google Maps is that it never did a good job of remembering the places they searched for. With Google being all about personalizing search results for the web, you would think they would be more interested in doing the same for Maps. They now are.   My Places remembers where you have searched for in the past, making it easy for you to use them in future mapping endeavors. You will need to be signed in with a Google account in order for this feature to work, but let’s be honest; who does not have a Google account for something at this point? Once you are logged in, you will see any location that you have starred in My Places.   In addition to seeing places you have starred, you will also see any place you have left a rating for or any place where you have checked in. This is a feature that many users have wanted to see from Google Maps for a long time.

If you have Google’s web history feature enabled, places you have searched for will also appear in My Places. For those concerned with privacy, you can disable this feature by turning off Google’s Web History feature. This will prevent Google from showing you the places you have searched for in past. You can still star a location to have it show up in My Places, if you should so choose.

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