2012-04-18 Training With Armand

On April 18, 2012, we held a live training session with Armand Morin, our resident expert on the business and sales side of your local listings business.

This session was recorded and is available below.

Primary Training for This Session

Armand analyzes the concept of creating Custom Niche Websites for clients to increase revenue and create recurring income streams.

  • Discusses the importance of creating WordPress sites, versus any other type of platform
  • Shows where to get custom premium themes for your clients
  • Demonstrates how to choose what type of theme is easiest to work with
  • Demonstrates how to find niche themes using Google
  • Discusses the possibility of creating apps for clients using specialized App Themes
  • Reminds you to check out the Instant Cash Flow program to learn how to do this right

Resources Shown In This Session

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