2012-01-30 Training With Gareth

On January 30, 2012, we held a live training session with Gareth Owen, our resident expert on the listings setup and SEO side of your local listings business.

This session was recorded and is available below. Here is a summary of what is included in this training:

Member Questions answered in this session…

  • Should the main link on the Google Maps page go to a website URL or can it go to a Facebook page for the business? What are the pros and cons of each?
  • What are the best WordPress plugins to use to place the Google Map on a webpage? And, are there other Google Map plugins for WordPress that are good to know about and use?
  • When it comes to creating websites for local businesses, have you found a particular layout works better than others? Do you have some examples you could share or a theme you think works best for local businesses?
  • As you mentioned in your training program, you said that theoretically that when local researchers do the local searching by typing the keywords plus postcode or suburb, the listed business info could pop up in any areas WITHIN that specified radius people selected when setting up, however in my a few cases lately, the listing only shows up based on their location, not even any closer suburbs nearby (even though they got lovely websites), why does that happen? and How to expand their exposure by enlarging their listings up to 3 or 4 nearby suburbs?
  • There are 6-7 positions for Google Places to be listed. But I noticed that if all the positions have been engaged, i.e, they all been verified. Would that be the new ones added in. I set up a google places listing for a client. However, when the listing is up, theoretically when people search like Auto Body Shop Canterbury Sydney/Panel beater Canterbury Sydney and the other categories I put in, they should be all showing up. But actually they didn’t. And I put Auto Body Shop 2193 Panel beater 2193, i use geocode instead they work. But that’s not our plan, because mostly people won’t search using geocode, they might just type in the suburb or location they wonna search for.
  • Offering the Google Places listing to a client service as a standalone for those with a website, who would you recommend does this particular task. Is this what I can ask the website guy to do or take on someone else for it.
  • Do you have more up to date information on the local search data that you have provided in the powerpoint presentation. And can you provide figures for the UK only?

Primary Training for This Session

  • Key areas for Maps Optimization
  • Encouraging reviews, offers, coupons and notes
  • New statistics for your presentations
  • Dealing with fraudulent reviews
  • Fundamental website SEO
  • Site indexing and submission
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